Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reflection on my own learning

Along this semester, I think I've improved my English & this is my reflection about this improvement :

I think I have improve my English & I hope now that my level is B1 because I would like to reach the B2 level in order to pass the CRPE, this is the exam in order to be a teacher.
The fact that we work on group is very good for the apprenticeship & our professor always push us to speak in English, to have a reflection & to exceed our own limits.
We are required to have a reflection in English, to think in English & to speak in English.
It is interesting to be in a class where the levels in English are differents & especially persons who have a best level as mine.
Thanks to that I've learnt new words that I didn't know before.
Working on podcats was interesting too & I think it was a benefit for my oral comprehension.
Moreover, working on an online tool was a novelty for me & I take this idea for my futur life.

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