Sunday, April 22, 2012

Reflection on my own learning

Along this semester, I think I've improved my English & this is my reflection about this improvement :

I think I have improve my English & I hope now that my level is B1 because I would like to reach the B2 level in order to pass the CRPE, this is the exam in order to be a teacher.
The fact that we work on group is very good for the apprenticeship & our professor always push us to speak in English, to have a reflection & to exceed our own limits.
We are required to have a reflection in English, to think in English & to speak in English.
It is interesting to be in a class where the levels in English are differents & especially persons who have a best level as mine.
Thanks to that I've learnt new words that I didn't know before.
Working on podcats was interesting too & I think it was a benefit for my oral comprehension.
Moreover, working on an online tool was a novelty for me & I take this idea for my futur life.


After this semester, I've learnt a lot of vocabulary in English, this is the vocabulary I've learnt :
Conflict : In a story or a film, it is the principal problem, in French "l'élément perturbateur".
Langage input : it is what students understand through an activity.
Langage output : it is what students are able to do after an activity. 
Mimes : When you don't speak, you just do gestures in order to describe a scene for example.
Plot : It is the fiel of a film or a piece of theatre. "Intrigue" in French.
Podcast : A podcast is a video taken in itunes, you can watch it when you want, change sound quality & the speed, download it & watch it when you want, lists of podcasts are regularly updated.
Resolution : In a story or a film, it is an action, it is when the conflict is resolved.
Role playing : Role playing is a scene of real life played by people.
Slide : This is something that you project on a wall in order to make presentation for example or to see photos. "Diapositive" in French.
Storyline : This is the "scenario" in French.
Templates : Templates are all tools made for the design.
Vilain : It is the person that is mean or bad in a story or a film, it is the opposite of the hero.
Wordscape :  It resemble to a landscape but it is a representation of a word, in a wordscape you can see how many time the word had been said for example.


Edublogs is a tool made for teachers. In the classroom you can create a blog.
All the students can participate to the blog & share with the others, I think it is very interactive & fun. Use it.


 Wordle is a website were you can create a "mix of words". It is interesting to use this tool in order to create posters for the class when you are a teacher. With this, you can taught the vocabulary of a story for example.

 Examples of wordle creations :

Third podcast : Visualizing Data, The birth of a word

You can find this podcast on itunes u, in Vusualizing Data, Deb Roy, the birth of a word. It lasts 19min52.

This podcast is about a record life. The speaker, Deb Roy, filmed his personnal life during 3 years, he recorded 90 000 hours of video, 140 000 hours of audio & it represents 200 terabytes.
This special home video recording system was made for a research, it was made in order to understand what is the influence of social environement on language aquisition.
Because, during this 3 years, Bed Roy had a babyboy & thanks to differents methods (wordscape, worm...) we could really understand the process of language acquisition.
In the video, we can see that in the first year, the baby learnt 500 words.
In an audio recording, the speaker shew the evolution of the word "water" : we listen at first the word "gaga" & at the end we listen the word "water". 

I think it is very interesting to do that, like that we could really see how the word is used by child  in the everyday life. Moreover, with all the tools used, the analysis is more precise.
The example of "gaga" (water) souds like magical, it wonderfull to can listen an evolution like that.
I think we should do that more in order to understand the language acquisition.
Something in the podcast drew mu attention : Deb Roy said that it is no the child who learnt from the environment but it is the environment that learnt from the child.
I think it is a very amazing, incredible & special point of view...
At the beginning I didn't really understand what does it mean but now I suppose that it means that the child is a person & he influence the environment as a person.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Do you know Deviantart?
It is a website where you can find many images, arts, pictures...etc
People can share images & comment on the orther's.
It's a site for artists or people who like art.
If you search in the categories, you can find "Digital art", it's interesting to see that art isn't necessarily with a written support or a sculpture, it could be digital too.